Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ordinary moments of magic

In mothering, much as in life, meaning has to be found in the ordinary don't you think? When I first thought of starting a blog it was this thought that arrested me and motivated me to capture, share, and ultimately celebrate, the ordinary. Because so MUCH of life, especially one wedded to the home with little ones, is very ordinary and is so task, and doing based isn't it? I realised if I didn't somehow bring meaning and a sense of purpose to the craft, what really could it all (and therefore my life) mean. I think I would just lie down under all the washing and not come out! Sometimes believe me I am very tempted to do just that, peace and time to ones-self anywhere, anyhow!
In conclusion, it is our dailiness that defines us, the small tasks or more the attention brought to the small tasks, the moments, that make the day, that set the mood, that shape the life. In celebration of the ordinary here are some of our favourite moments.
oiling toys
kitchen floor cookng
story time (before haircut!)
neighbourhood walks
drawing sessions inspired by Brambly Hedge

story sessions and picnics under our cherry tree
Ethan's first haircut, much overdue!
just sitting
painting and crafting