Sunday, April 29, 2012

cheered by chairs...

 For those that know me, blue is my colour... my default mood setting elevated by a merry spirit. I can't tell you the delight I experienced when I stumbled across these four blue chairs, genuine bentson, in our local second hand store... they were mine before they left the shop. Even better, knowing they were clearly for me I confidently haggled them downwards, selling two of our own loathsome chairs into the bargain, purchasing the four for a reduced rate, and coming out only slightly out of pocket! That softened the blow to husband who returned from work dragging a grey cloud and looked more than miffed when he went to sit down, only to discover his old sturdy chair had been usurped by a dainty blue one! Blow! Nothing like some cash in hand to sweeten the deal though, being a money man, he could even see the sense in it! And for me, well every time I walk into the room I simply feel cheered up by my chairs! Cheered by chairs... now there's a tag line. Whoever said things can't make you happy doesn't know the thrill of a good score! Okay that is way too many explanation marks, do get how excited I am... Love how the blue is brighter than what I would normally be brave enough for, but just sings and pops out at you, bringing the rest to life, coaxing  out all the other little blue echoes in the room, in my painting for instance and door stops... love love love.
Furthermore, another special layer is that we had some of these in my old house growing up in original wood and were lost to fire many years ago... so sentimental to boot.

my eclectic mix grows...

Monday, April 23, 2012

walnuts for sale!

One of the most delightful days of the holidays was this, our walnut stall. It married together so many of those whimsical dreams of country life, back-yard productivity, team-work and family industy... albeit in an urban setting...Alexander, as he so often is, was the driver in this whole adventure. For many weeks now he has diligently collected the fallen walnuts (with some more-haphazard assistance from his siblings and I) from our old grand tree which graces our bottom garden, then dried and stored and bagged them. Finally a day of good boding arrived and the stall was set up outside our gate on Easter Monday. Such delight when they had their first sale! Much to our astonishment, and thanks to no shortage of neighbourly generosity and good-will,  the little team amassed a  small fortune of $31 for their efforts! It was certainly wonderful encouragement for their budding enterprise. They already have plans of planting a feijoa hedge in order to offer a more varied selection next year. Have to love it!



the team get "cracking"