Thursday, July 21, 2011

Winter days continued...our recent trip to the Hokianga, Northland

One of the worlds magic places, I think, the Hokianga harbour, my hometown

waiting travelers

Something so old fashioned about Bell sometimes, she could be awaiting a carriage!

Beachcombing, and reshaping

No doubt,the highlight of Ethan's trip, digger driving at Signal Station point, my favourite place. Oh the joy of running out here early morning, the expanse of ocean and sky, worries seem to inconsequential and unnecessary in the face of it!

He would have sat here for hours, bar the blustery wind I would have too

Cousins, sharing their mutual love of diggers, one of there more peaceful moments!

Brother Dale, fishing extraordinaire, and two very enthused kids

These two, so similar in so many ways


Loving you Stacey and Cam, view Campbell's birthday party photos on her beautiful blog

Oh beautiful mischief, sand fights
One of my visits greatest joys, a chance to be Aunty
Oh the small joys

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

winter, walks, and wanderings

 There is something about this time of year, so ethereal and delicate yet so clear and commited don't you think? Though I struggle at times with what winter brings, I dearly love its stillness too and just the shear stark beauty of it. Here in the Hawkes Bay there is such a crisp, cold clarity about it. Silvery grass in the morning gives way to these spectacular open breathtaking skies, sun that brightens but doesn't burn, it just feels so good to be alive! As harsh and cold as it can be, it is so invigorating at the same time. I find it harder and harder to to honor my morning run, but when I do I feel the thrill of it spill around me all day. And walks, with my three are such a divine way to appreciate the seasons, to restore and recharge. These few were taken after some winter convalescence, how good it was to be out again!

Snowdrops! Very misplaced at this time of year, but much appreciated!

Hints of autumn remain, I have a love affair with crab apples, they have to be one of the most divine trees to watch the passing of seasons don't you think?

 Funny now that I review what I have written, the pictures don't really match the words! Walks I have captured, but I am not sure if winter.
Anyway, we recently tripped to Northland to my family where the winter had such a different quality. I will share some of those winter days soon.