4-Grain Bread

We love, love, love this bread. I grew up on homemade brown and ever sought to replicate Mum's great loaf. For years I tried and my loafs were a gamble, often with bursting broken crusts or too-doughy centres. This one I adapted from a No-Knead recipe of Crafy Kin's and it revolutionized my bread making. We now use this as our family standard. Thank you!I typically make two at a time (just double amounts below) but one in mid-summer as is so much nicer fresh and won't last in the humid weather.

(Makes one loaf)


4 1/2 cups 4-grain Lohra flour (available at health stores)
1 sachet Edmonds Dry Instant yeast
1 tablespoon sugar (I use brown)
grind of salt
about 500ml of tepid water

Place all dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Add tepid water to mix. The dough should be sticky and fairly wet - too wet to knead by hand. Add more water if necessary to achieve this.  Mix with spoon (or with an electric mixer using dough hook) until it is elastic - this doesn't take long but requires a good bit of arm muscle!
Leave in a warm place to rise until about double in bulk (approx 1 hour).
Oil and line base of bread tin.
Punch down dough and transfer to tin.
Turn on oven to 200 C
Allow to rise again until swollen (usually just duration of time it takes to heat oven).
Place in preheated oven. Cook for 15 mins at 200. Reduce heat to 160 and cook a further 45-55 mins or until it sounds hollow.
Turn out onto a wire rack to cool.

Divine especially warm with butter!

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