Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a time of gifting...

Tea cosy sent to Nanny Ev in Ireland for her birthday, love tea cosys!

Much of my creative energy of late seems to be given over to gifting. Honouring a commitment I made earlier in the year to make most (if not all) of my gifts as another money saving measure, and with goal of giving more meaningfully, I have been very busy! Friends and family birthdays seem to be dotted with alarming regularity throughout the year, my winter evenings have been very productive, which is very wintry in itself, and what better way spent.
Here are some ideas to share, quick, easy, economical, yet so pleasing!

tissue box with contrasting grey stitching for Mum for Mothers Day

name pillowcases, a lovely gift for a girls (or boys) birthday

owl for Lucie-Belle daughter of veteren blogger Flo of http://www.sunshineofmyloves.blogspot.com

little ballet bag for a friend of Bella's

And a baby bunting for a new Irish second cousin, new daughter Kayla of my lovely much missed friend Georgina

And this brings me to one of my current challenges, if I still have your attention.  And maybe it is all this busy crafting that explains why I never seem to have the time left over for recording my world here.I fear I am getting a bit left behind in this whole blogoshpere business.
I really seem to be struggling to find the time to gather my moments/inspiration/thoughts and capture them here to share, so bent on the doing of creating and running a home and raising three little ones I can't seem to to bestill (love that word, don't you think?) my domestic world. Arrest some me time.

I know you all struggle with the same, the same challenge to fit it all in, to be a good mother, homemaker, wife, friend, self(with all it's facets mind/body/soul) and to do it with grace besides. Phew! I find myself wishing for a neighborhood Grandma to come in and cover when things get overwhelming as they have been these last three weeks with a string of ill kids. I suspect my husband will be getting out his tiny violin about now, setting the scene of my pity party! Mmm... but you can relate can't you?

Sometimes I feel I so joyous, so inspired, so held still by the beauty around me, my children, my home, nature, inspiration at hand... wouldn't it be lovely to just dwell there a little longer ignoring the call to arms washing, cooking, nose wiping..do you hear me? Any thoughts?
Anyway, what I would like to find/make/create for myself is a regular slot to visit here (even if I am just talking to myself)! How are you all pulling that off? Please do tell your secret formulas, do you set a blog date?


  1. Yes, tricky indeed. Though if you are finding yourself crafting more often than blogging, I'd say your scales have tipped over to the better side of unbalanced - so often mine tip the other way (more blogging, less crafting) and it's so much less satisfying... But finding that quiet window, usually in the evening (easier for me with only one baby) to do a little blogging helps...

    At the moment I'm trying to concentrate more on the 'good mother/homemaker/partner/friend etc' part, and thus blogging time is scarce. I guess that's just how it goes... :-)

  2. Bula Hannah, lovely post. I love the craft, I had only seen the owl finished (of course!! thank you btw for the mention on your blog xx), and the beginning of the pillow cases, which are looking fabulous. You talented girl, you must be proud of yourself, to have created them, and that you could do it without a grandma helping with babysitting! See, a lot to be happy and proud of. I have one suggestion that would allow to post more often: instead of putting all your craft (finished) in one post, why don't you show one at a time, and possibly the stages of the creation process. That way you would have had material for about 14 posts!! Clever, hey?!! Love, Flo, thinking of you here in Fiji, considering staying on, it's just too beautiful, mainly because we have a room right on the beach, someone cleans our room and changes the sheets every day, we eat at the restaurant, etc... yes, I know, bliss, truly. (btw, I have just come back from a one hour massage! Enough, I can hear you say!!). Take care lovely Hannah and, yes, see you next week.


It is lovely to know I am not alone on this journey, your comments remind me of that. Thanks!