Saturday, February 11, 2012

Evabella's 5th birthday

Oh my, our lovely girl is 5! It is such a joy to see her excitement and delight at having reached such a significant milestone. I am so grateful and heartened (if not relieved!) to see her lovely qualities coming to the fore and  her settling into herself in preparation for school.
We celebrated the day with a fairy tea party replete with scones, cream, and jam.

Evabella and Ethan on her birthday quilt, birthday morning

birthday chair
Prayer time, pancake breakfast
she has such effervesence!
Cranberry and Orange, and Wholemeal scones

treasure hunt picture clues

birthday fairies

bubble blowing

fairy castle pinata

boys gang

treasure hunting

tea time

and a chapter ends, it was lovely to have so many of her little Nest friends to celebrate with us, they have been an important part of her journey.

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