Tuesday, December 17, 2013

creative space....

my newly claimed creative space, between washing machine and bikes, a place of my own devising
I had such lofty dreams for this space, this blog! It would be a forum for sharing, for self-expression, a space to elevate the ordinary....how ambitious and confident my proclamations. The reality is I dived somewhat impulsively into full-time study at the end of last year and the time/space/energy for creativity shrunk and all but disappeared. As much as I have loved the challenge of study, the juggle has been immense and I have struggled with overwhelm and yearned for open time of my own. I had to relinquish aspects of my dream life, the domestic idle, I baked less bread, and passed on our beloved chickens, symbol of the good life, to a friend. And now that studies are out of the way for awhile, I find the space I once filled a little more empty, for those things that we don't give energy diminish with time.... my friendships are less and smaller than last year, my garden untamed and wild, and my domestic round needing an injection of soul. I yearn for the return of my happy hens, the picture of contentment, scratching companionship as I gardened... and for rekindling my art and writing... SO as a Christmas present to self  I have triumphantly laid claim to a creative space in our garage (previously given over entirely to my husbands love of all things bikes) and installed a rustic old kauri desk (a karmic chance find I swear) which Alexander lovingly sanded for me. I am not going to make any lofty promises to self, but I know I have made a big step already... to have a space to go to, to paint/draw/write and not have to always put away... a place to return to again and again when I find a moment... a space to invite my children and share in creativity together... Now all I need is the smell of baking bread, a good friend for coffee,  and the return of our contented hens...

if not a room of ones own, at least a space... a space to create, to be pour ones deepest self, to find solace, to dream, to remember and forget, to heal, to be inwardly quiet, to find flow

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