Saturday, February 12, 2011

I was lost, but now I'm found...

Christmas at ours
I find myself back here after a very long absence in which Christmas was celebrated, we moved house, Evabella turned three, and Mum, an Aunt and an Irish nephew of Austin's came to visit, Alexander returned to his old school, momentous occasions all. Little Eth and I have come down with a bug and are dragging ourselves through a hot Sunday while the others enjoy a leisurely (I hope) bike ride by the sea. I find myself basking in the blessings of our new home; tranquility and quiet, a lovely marriage of old and new, flow, a garden both wild and manicured, bird song and buzzing of insects, a friendly family community, and a gratitude that the incumbent stress of  a move is behind us for the most part, and that this has all the bones I pray to be a forever home. A place to lay down our weary world traveled heads, and a place to breathe out and build joy and harmony together. A place to weave happy memories and support healthy growth.
So for some photos to capture?  
Evabella bids adieu to life as a three year old
Look at those woolly curls, love love love, can't bring myself to cut!

Some of us Christmas morn
Like father, like son

Heaven is.....our new home. Talk of love at first sight. I had despaired we would find a home that would capture most of us. And this one came to us in a truly serendipitous way (thank you universe). We even have a resident possum!Note, agapanthas have since been replaced by a herb garden (thank you Mum!)

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