Sunday, March 6, 2011

arrangements and special pieces

Sometimes it is the placement of things together that makes the individual pieces sing, don't you think? Or conversely, one image/piece can somehow capture a complex mood or atmosphere, or can speak volumes about the person who created it, or to whom it belongs. Here are some collections/pieces of mine. Please share yours!

Above: 1. A painting by an old friend gifted for our wedding, a handmade book made by a wonderful old soul- friend about friendship and my gratitude journal grace all my bedside.
           2. A basket of last Friday's op-shop treasures.. I could wax lyrical forever about the joys of     op-shopping/treasure seeking. There is something SO wonderfully exhilarating about finding some time-worn discard for such a little amount. I have to admit I suffer sometimes (okay  oftentimes)from a great need to acquire something new; fashion, fabric, pottery and magic pieces for our house being my greatest weakness. Ever trying to reduce our spending and to live simply, I try to focus on needs rather than wants but op-shopping remains my indulgence and often blurs the line between the two (do I really need another wool blanket?!)... somehow it satisfies the insatiable appetite, rewards with the thrill of the "score", that "got-something!" buzz, all for pocket change- does it get any more perfect?

This one is actually the cover of an old Anthropology catalogue that I have literally hauled around the world and back, I used to almost weep with a resonance when I had the pleasure of perusing their stores in the US. I would always leave so utterly inspired by the rustic, worn, lovingly made, creative burst, of it all.

Ethan bunting by Stace of and birds from crafty sister-in-law Frith

Even the ordinary, or sometimes especially the ordinary, can be so beautiful, can't it?

A painting of mine, of us,our wedding day. Painting I dream, will find centre- left again one day, I promise myself

I had this card line hanging in our old house, a wonderful way to display those acts of kindness/images that inspire. It started as a way to display Christmas photos and evolved to show cards gifted/found throughout the year . I used simple dute twine and wooden pegs.

Hints of autumn everywhere...Pears, crab apples, and "Brambly Hedge" oh LOVE, have you discovered? I dream to have all the seasons. Imagine my delight finding this one for 20c at the school Christchurch charity garage sale this weekend!

Windfall pears and soft bananas (intended for banana bread for the aforementioned charity event!)

A recent creation, a child's place for quiet repose and reading

 Children come naturally to  arranging and rearranging to bring new life or meaning to a space don't you think? I take to heart what is most important in any home for a child (and ourselves) is the atomosphere. As mother's we have such a powerful affect on the atmosphere and "mood" of our homes as I can attest good days and bad.

My ever- evolving dressing table arrangement

Another painting of mine, blue being my colour (and a mood tendency at times) for sure

Wow, this was a house warming gift from a friend. I have never been given such a beautiful bouquet,my colours, my flowers, thank you!
My catalogue again, and another house warming gift, my treasured tissue box, one of an increasing collection in my home. I think I would just about have to grab these in the event of fire!  This creation is one of  Florence's of and I have stitched some of my own too. They somehow make such a beautiful feature of something so ordinary and necessary (boo hoo!). Watch this spot (and hers likely) for more "ways with wool" we love, love, love it! So earthy and homespun, rustic cool, don't you think?
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  1. ah i LOVE your new basket!!!! those handles!!!!!! and the "house warming" tissue box cover is very sweet!! Greeting cards are lovely to keep huh! i have a few hanging too and framed a couple. love the kidlings cozy reading area,where is this? Cam has one very similar in his room,neat idea to put one in our lounge this winter. lovely photo's Hanni feels like we are visiting =) except when i look away from the computer screen i realise we are not =( X xxxxx

  2. Hello Hannah, what lovely posts!!
    Thankyou so much for my beautiful tissue box cover, it is a reminder of you and your lovely family everytime I see it, so thankyou, and also a thankyou from Kalem for his neat boat, we must fill the bath and take it for a spin.
    And what a cute bunny, I think Hunny Bunny is the perfect name, love that photo of bella holding him, so cute!

  3. Oh I love the display of cards, with the twine and pegs, simple and lovely! I was a devote of Brambly hedge as a kid, I spent ages copying the cosy, detailed pictures-just like your kids!


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