Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ways with wool

 I am totally in love with wool! Every op-shop mission has as its focus the acquisition of (yet another) wool blanket. I have a number of shelves devoted to them. Recently Evabella and Alexander have joined me in the re-purposing of them. Here are some of our early efforts.

Finally a cosy to replace my cindered first. It was really tricky getting the sizing right this is still a bit over-sized I turned over the top and added a button to make it fit better and it is probably the thing I love most about it now.
It proved a good hat too! Note the sister sulking in background :(
Our first rainy day in a while, spurred on by my little mission man, I taught my two to blanket stitch. I had been meaning to do this for some time but assumed they were too young and the whole thing would end in frustration. Much to my surprise and delight they picked it up so quickly and LOVED it. They literally spent all day making their respective blankets:Xandi made a blanket for his teacher's larger-than-life dog "Tuks"; and Bella made a little one for her grey rabbit (soft toy). It was heaven!

Alexander absorbed in the task
And Evabella, a little less so :)

Grey Rabbit's blanket

Alexander's finished work, so proud he was!
And these! A really lovely project to make with kids. This is Evabella's owl softie to watch over her while she sleeps. Alexander has fallen utterly in love with his one named "Twinkle" too, and even brought it to his school pet day complete with a homemade tree trunk habitat. They were able to blanket stitch, stuff, and choose fabric and buttons etc.,
Ethan stealing some quiet reading beside us as we work, a rare treat.
I also made some heart pincushions I gave as gifts. Next on my list are some cushions, want, must, must make. Am thinking cream and blue using some of that above vintage floral on tea cosy I seem to be addicted to just now.

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  1. So lovely Hanni!!!! I also am so proud of Xandi and Bell's Blanket stitching!! super cute.
    im sure youll love my blanket collection too,i have been colleting for the wedding to drape over every haybail =) wool blanket cushions to add around would be neat. xx


It is lovely to know I am not alone on this journey, your comments remind me of that. Thanks!