Saturday, September 17, 2011


Spring blossoms on our street
 Isn't this time of year divine? I feel beset with spring fervor and have been enthusiastically chipping away at projects within and without...thank goodness for my late discovery of coffee, where have I been?! Green tea no longer holds a candle in terms of ritual boost.
With much delight we have finally started shaping our wild slopes into vege beds. I have been caught dancing around to words of "I'm so excited, just can't hide it..."! I am I am! I am currently in the process of de-stoning each bed, a mission in itself, I have unearthed wheel barrow loads of broken terracotta, paving stones, bricks and rocks..etc., I have made a commitment to give the garden at least a half an hour daily, I know that probably sounds paltry, but is actually a huge accomplishment in my busy daily round with little ones. I have a lovely new habit of visiting my patch for awhile on my way back up from emptying my compost bucket. It is my current favourite place. I am a little unsure how to proceed once I have completed phase de-stone though, do I then put on my compost, sheep pellets/cow manure etc., dig in, plant and then that order? Do I need to add further top soil? Where is my Mum, veteran gardener when I need her?! Anyway, enough blah blah here is some evidence of our industry.
Slope cleared of vegetation

boys getting busy creating retaining wall in veg bed 1

oh look taking shape as Austin defines and reinforces them with edges

Master Mortimer proved our most dedicated worker on this project we literally had to drag him in each day

though sometimes he would stray to play, play is a child's work after all!

 a great spectator, bless her!

still beavering away
looking down on them, behold all of those stones!

spring light, magic

finishing touches, the boys paved under my clothesline, now I can stand there without getting tangled in ivy and losing my pegs, yay! 

 divine rest

these two are loving sharing books

fathers day crafting, I was really excited to "draw" with my machine, such fun! I def plan to try again

daffodil picking

and a wonderful old tire swing

our three
Much love to you all! Wishing you wonderful spring days too.


  1. Wonderful pictures, and blossom abounds about my way too. cheers Marie

  2. Hello Hannah..I meant to comment the other day & quite forgot! Did you decide what to do with your new gardens? Ready made compost is a great idea if you want to plant things soon. Oderings etc aren't too bad..even lend you the trailer. A really good deal is the mushroom compost at TeMata mushrooms. They turf out the old stuff each Thursday about 1 o'clock & if you turn up with a trailer they will load it for you for $15. (well it was not so long ago) What happens down that terracing with the sun through the summertime? Sun is an important one..things like tomatoes etc won't grow so well in part shade for instance. Well done on all your hard work. Good luck. Lovely outing picking daffodils down at Taniwha. Love Catherine x


It is lovely to know I am not alone on this journey, your comments remind me of that. Thanks!